Michael Shulman

OIB Trade Alert: TDOC

Teladoc Health (TDOC) continues to run up. I am once again recommending we roll our put to a higher strike while keeping the expiration date the same. This will flip our net debit to cash in hand. You can enter today’s trade even if you were not in the previous one by selling the second…

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OIB Trade Alert: DAL

Delta Air Lines (DAL) is up 5% this morning. Let’s book profits now, freeing up capital for new trades. Current Stock Price: $31.12 Cash in Hand: $0.43 Action: Buy to close the DAL Jul Week One (7/1) 28 Put Current Option Price: $0.15-$0.18 Recommended Limit: Set your initial limit order at $0.17, but adjust as…

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